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Affordable Mirrored Sunglasses and Advantages

Updated: Apr 20

Mirrored sunglasses are so popular this season as many people have been sporting these multi-color styles on the streets. Mirrored shades are just like other tinted shades except that the glasses have the mirrored coating to make them appear as a multi-color mirror. You can see out, but no one can see through your eye. What they can see when talking to you are surroundings reflected on the colored lenses.

Mirrored sunglasses or flash shades make the women more attractive and stand out

Mirrored shades consist of UV lenses and a mirror coating applied to the lens surfaces. UV lenses usually block up 85% amount of visible light. With the help of a mirrored coating, mirrored lenses reduce a further 20-60% amount of sunlight to pass through the eyes. Today with advanced technology, mirrored shades are affordable and come with a wide variety of lens colors: blue, silver, gray, pink. They have been proven to provide the best protection and offer an appealing look for fashion styling.

Browline mirror sunglasses offer an eye-catching, appealing look.

Advantages to wear flash sunglasses:

  • Mirrored lenses have better protection than other lenses since they are armed with a mirrored coating that cuts more visible light. Despite the inability to glare reduction, mirrored lenses can cut more visible light to make the glass wearer comfortable on bright sunny days.

  • Mirrored coating provides better scratch resistance. Thus they are long-lasting and suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.

  • Mirrored lenses reflect light in one direction. Thus other persons will not be able to see through your eyes when talking to you. This benefit helps those who may want to hide their emotion.

  • Mirrored sunglasses are a great eyewear gear for winter sports.

Affordable sunglasses integrated with mirrored lenses provide the best protection in a harsh environment like deserts, mountains and provide a futuristic appearance.

Disadvantages of wearing mirrored shades:

  • Mirrored shades are not appropriate to wear on overcast days.

  • Mild scratches are easily noticeable. It doe not reduce eye protection but it may destroy a stunning look.

  • It may cost extra money.

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